About us

MINA ELECTROPLATING FACTORY is one of the first and the most experienced electroplating factories of IRAN.
Mr. Hassan Kafaeefanaeipour has established this factory first in 1961. At that time he started his activity with a limited equipments and just one small decorative chromium plating line.
MINA factory improved its activities with adding another two large bright nickel baths, one brass and one copper plating bath in 1967.
During all stages of its activities, MINA factory has considered three principles of Customers Satisfaction, Quality and Innovation. The factory has always believed that its ever increasing progress has been due to these principles. The scope of activities of this factory has increased by performing Hard Chromium plating since 1988. Now this is a well- known and reliable factory throughout IRAN for most of the private and governmental companies.
At present this factory with more than area of 2000 sq.m enjoying its years of experiences and the last scientific and technical information is capable of many kinds of industrial and decorative plating. The main fields of its activities include the following sections:
1- Hard chromium. 
2- Electroless nickel. 
3- Black Chromium. 
4- Decorative Nickel – Chromium. 
5- Zinc (blue, iridescent, olive, black) 
6- Electropolishing of many kinds of metals and alloys. 
7- Production of many chemicals used in electroplating industry. 
8- Planning and installing of many types of electroplating lines. 
9- Industrial lead and silver electroplating. 
10- Wood effect coating of metallic parts. 
11- Wood effect coating of plastic parts. 
Relying on research and development principal, MINA factory has always been searching for new methods and chemical manufacturing of plating industry. The most important of such activities are included as follows:
1- In 1987, achieving technical knowledge of hard chromium plating. 
2- In 1989, manufacturing of firstclass nickel brightener. 
3- In 1992, manufacturing of zinc cyanide. 
4- In 1994, manufacturing of copper cyanide (I). 
5- In 1995, manufacturing of high corrosion resistance of black zinc chromate. 
6- In 1997, manufacturing of some types of lacquers. 
7- In 1998, manufacturing of second class nickel brightener. 
8- In 1999, first execution of decorative electrolacquering system in IRAN. 
9- In 2001, execution of wood/stone effect coating line for decorating of metallic parts from ITALY. 
10- In 1996, achieving technical knowledge of decorative black chromium plating. 
11- In 2005, winning an international award for excellence in products and services in Iran from SPAIN. 
12- In 2006, technical knowledge of water transfer printing for decorating of three dimensional plastic parts. 
13- In 2008, achieving technical knowledge of solar selective black chromium coating. It should be mentioned that MINA factory has always been in favor of promoting public knowledge of plating having a share in publishing in JOURNAL OF PLATING INDUSTRY (the only journal of plating industry in IRAN, first published 1991) has participated directly and continuously.



4th Iran electroplating industry

The 4th exhibition & seminar of Iran electroplating industry 
Tehran - 2006

6th Iranplating & surface engineering

The 6th Iranplating international seminar & exhibition 
11th surface engineering nation seminar
Tehran - 2010

5th exhibition of electrical industry

The 5th international ehibition of electrical industry 
Tehran - 1999

Selected contractor by UNIDO

The selected contractor in surface finishing by UNIDO
IRAN - 2007

5th Iran electroplating industry

5th Iran electroplating industry
Tehran - 2008

8th Iran electroplating industry

8th Iran electroplating industry
Tehran - 2012

International award

International award for excellence in products & services
Spain - 2005

14th paint,resin & coating Fair

The 14th international paint, resin, coating & composites fair

Tehran - 2014

15th paint,resin & coating Fair

The 15th international paint,resin & coating Fair

Tehran - 2015

16th paint,resin & coating Fair

 The 16th international paint,resin & coating Fair

Tehran - 2016