high quality heat transfer films and papers presented logo are registered Minaco is always valid standards.

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Heat Transfer Decorating is a form of product decorating that uses a combination of heat, pressure and dwell to apply pre-printed graphics permanently to a part.
For a sustainable way but do not protect the environment. Introduce and promote the use of technology policies Untitled One thing this plant. Create beautiful designs on wood, stone, metal artifacts along the way to enjoy the beautiful natural-looking and enduring will help to protect the environment. The company is the largest supplier of film and media in hundreds of designs and various Untitled strongest sales network across the country.
The table below shows just some of the important properties. This paper also enjoy high quality assurance and peace of mind can bring. 
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Special design by order

You can have your own designs

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stone pattern paper

Heat transfer paper with stone pattern

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wood pattern paper

Heat transfer paper with wood pattern

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fantasy pattern paper

Heat transfer paper with fantasy pattern

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flower pattern paper

Heat transfer paper with flower pattern

Minaco heat transfer paper 
paper width 125 & 160 cm
paper weight 30-40 gr/m2
working temperature   130 - 160  c
metal pieces temperature 200 c
color fastness minimum  4
staibility agaist UV light  high
Designs More than 120 different designs of the finest woods, stones and fancy designs
order terms
220 and 320 cm width is also provided
order terms proprietary designs are available